I’ve been slowly styling this buffet because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with it. This shelf used to hold our board games in the living room – but I hated the cluttered look. One of these days I’ll outfit an extra closet with shelves to hide our huge collection… but that’s another post.

how to style a home bar

We entertain so much, it was getting to be ridiculous that our dining room was lined with bookshelves & we only used half of the room. The dining table used to be in this nook. Now the dining table is in the middle of the dining room. I enlisted my sister to help me move everything around.

I knew I wanted this piece to serve as a home bar or a buffet. I finally decided on a mix of both. I always style spaces to reflect how they are used. For example, Kimo and I would alway leave our dirty laundry in a pile in the bathroom instead of carrying it back to the laundry basket in our room. Because of this, I bought a laundry sorter for the bathroom Viola… instantly more practical & stylish.

I decided not to fully stock the bar. When we entertain we always serve wine. Very rarely, we’ll enjoy vodka sodas, whiskey or Kimo drinks a captain & diet every 6 months. No joke. 

How to Style a Home Bar

I go through sparkling water like crazy. I love the Pellegrino bottles so much, I wanted to display them. This Target tray corrals: 1 bottle of Reisling, 3 bottles of Pellegrino, 2 bottles of whiskey, straws, 3 glasses, a candle, bottle openers, and wine stoppers. 

Our Alexa sits on the bar and plays our favorite playlists.

How to Style a Home Bar

I found these amazing coasters on Amazon. I bought two sets and have them scattered in the dining and living room. They are absorbent stone! 

How to Style a Home Bar

How to Style a Home Bar

I needed a place to store my cookbooks that was easily accessible. On top of them being easy to grab, they make a pretty excellent plant stand.

How to Style a Home Bar

Bonus photo of Oliver.

How to Style a Home Bar

I snapped up this great tray at TJ Maxx ages ago. I love the inlay. The bowls are also from TJ Maxx. I always have tons of lemons or limes on hand that go in the glass bowl. The white bowl always holds whatever fresh snack fruits for easy access.

How to Style a Home Bar

No. 1… Pick alcohol you like to drink & you serve when you have guests. You won’t magically become a mixologist overnight because you’ve purchased all the ingredients.

No. 2… Add a couple plants. It’s easier for me to keep a snake plant & a pothos alive than it is for me to remember to pick up fresh flowers if we’re entertaining last minute.

No. 3… Art. A bar needs art whether it be framed prints on the top or a piece on the wall. 

No. 4… Use a few trays to create order. Trays are the solution to all organizational woes. Plus they make everything look better.

No. 5… Add a sweet & a snack. I keep a bowl of fresh, washed fruit that can easily be grabbed when I’m hangry. I also keep ginger hard candies in a bowl for anyone to snag after dinner drinks.

What would you keep on your home bar?


Alexa | Round Gold Tray | Hawaii Photograph Print | Gold Paper Straws | Ginger People Hard Candy