I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle with stress on a daily basis. Some days I’m totally fine. Other days too many things pile up and my heart starts beating furiously.

I’m not big on taking pharmaceuticals. If there’s a way for me to fix or aid my health in a natural way, I’ll try it. These are the 5 things I always have on hand to help with all manner of stress. And believe me — I’ve tried a lot.

My Top Five Natural Stress Aids

1. Tulsi Tea

I’ve been drinking Tulsi Tea for over 5 years now. This really calms me down and helps me sleep. I’ve noticed that when I drink it, I sleep like a rock. My favorite brand is the Organic India Tulsi Tea. They make a large array of flavors — caffeinated and decaffeinated. I used to drink the Tulsi Green Tea Blend with breakfast, but I now drink organic Gunpowder Green Tea in the morning. I’ll brew a cup of the original (plain) tulsi tea after dinner. It’s part of my evening ritual that helps to calm me before bed.

2. Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is hands down my favorite product for stress. I have tried all the Rescue Remedy products. They have drops, spray, lozenges, gum and cream. The drops are the best. And I just realized how cheap they are on Amazon. I usually spend $25 for a 20mL bottle of Rescue Remedy at Whole Foods and it’s $13.49 on Amazon. Hello, beautiful. After I take the drops, I feel calmer within 5 minutes. I always have a bottle in my purse and on my desk.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is known for being soothing and balancing. I usually use Young Living Oils, but I ran out. I picked up NOW Lavender Oil at Whole Foods to tide me over until my order arrived. When I’m feeling frazzled I’ll rub lavender oil on my temples, back of my neck and wrists. I’ll also inhale whatever is left on my hands. I like to massage lavender oil in to the bottoms of my feet at bedtime.

4. Holy Basil (Tulsi) Capsules

In lieu of drinking Tulsi Green Tea in the morning, I drink Gunpowder Green and take 1 Tulsi capsule in the morning. I trust Organic India’s products. I purchase the Down to Earth brand — it’s Hawaii’s local health food store. Tulsi is one of those herbs that not many people know about. In addition to it aiding with stress it also helps with the following:

“Support for the immune system
Increased stamina and endurance
Relief and protection from everyday stress
Abundant antioxidants” – Organic India

5. Calming Tea by Yogi Teas

This is the tea I tend to reach for in the afternoon. 2PM is usually when I need to recharge. Too much caffeine makes me jittery and anxious. So as much as I love to enjoy a glass of cold brew, some days it’s a bad idea. Yogi’s Calming Tea is a slightly sweet blend of herbs. It’s not the most pleasant taste, but it’ll grow on you.

In addition to using all the supplements, I’ve found that I’m much calmer when I exercise on a regular basis and when I meditate. I exercise almost every day, but meditation is still escapes me. I hope this helps you! I’ve tried so many supplements and these are my favorites.

What helps with your stress levels?