There’s something I love about starting my day with a green juice. I would love to turn this into a morning ritual, but I hate cleaning my juicer. So if you have an easy to clean juice, please let me know!

I always have kale and citrus (lemons, limes and calamansi) popping out of my garden. Cucumbers are coming in stronger, but I still end up buying them from Costco.

This is generally my default juice recipe because of what I readily have on hand. If you don’t have cucumbers, you can use celery. They’re both watery vegetables.

Morning Green Juice
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  1. 1 large cucumber, ends removed. Skin peeled if not organic
  2. 1 lime, rind removed
  3. 1 2 in piece of ginger
  4. 1 2 in piece of turmeric
  5. 1 small Granny Smith apple, cored
  6. 2 cups kale
  1. Send the produce through your juicer and enjoy! I always like to add a couple of ice cubes to my juice to make it cold.
  1. If you're new to juicing, this might be too strong for you. You can always add another apple and lime.
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What’s your favorite juice recipe?