I love coffee. In the afternoon. I prefer green tea in the morning. Several times a week, around 2PM, I’ll make my way to the kitchen. Grab a glass from the dishwasher, toss in a few ice cubes, open the refrigerator and pull out a pitcher of homemade iced cold brew coffee and plain unsweetened coconut milk. I then proceed to make the perfect mix of iced coffee and creamy milk. I’ll also fill a bowl with whatever fresh fruit is in the kitchen.

If I’m having a slower day, I’ll take my coffee and fruit to the living room and read a few articles in Better Homes and Gardens or Bon Appetite. I love taking twenty minutes to recharge my batteries.

I used to do the daily Starbucks run — but sure enough that that adds up. $2.95 x 30 = $88.50 a month for coffee. Ouch. Even if you’re buying good coffee beans, you’ll still spend less than $88.50 a month.

I’ve played around with the cold brew method a lot. I don’t like pouring the water directly over the coffee grinds, mixing, straining twice and pouring back into a pitcher. That method makes way too many dishes and too much of a mess. In regards to using fine grounds or french press grounds: I don’t think it matters – if you follow my instructions below. French press grinds will give you a lighter, sweeter coffee. Regular grinds will give you a more aggressive tasting brew. I like both. Personally, it all comes down to what I have on hand. Neither will result in bitter coffee.

Perfect Cold Brew Coffee
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  1. 1.5 cups coffee grounds
  2. 8 cups filtered water
  1. 1 80 oz glass pitcher
  2. Ellie's 12" x 12" nut milk bag
  1. Place the nut milk bag directly into the pitcher, like you would place a plastic bag in a trash bin.
  2. Next pour your coffee into the bag and pull tight to close.
  3. Push the coffee filled bag into the pitcher and loop the string around the pitcher.
  4. Pour the water over the grinds.
  5. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator over night.
  6. In the morning, slowly pull the bag up and squeeze the excess water into the pitcher. Voila - you are done.
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