In case you missed it, on January 13, 2018 at 8:07 AM HST a lot of people in Hawaii got this warning.

When Kimo and I got the alert, I instantly started checking social media. He started checking all the major news sites and turned on the TV. We grabbed the cats and put them in the bedroom with us, all while talking to our family and refreshing Twitter. The first thing I thought was “what the hell did Trump do?” The second was “I don’t want to die.”

Thankfully, a friend posted this at 8:18 AM HST:

So my stress levels calmed a hair. But I was still waiting for the official statement. Which came at 8:27 AM HST.

It took 37 minutes for the state to issue another mobile alert telling us this warning was a mistake.

In light of this incredibly stressful morning, I took time to reflect on the things that I learned about myself and my life.

We don’t have an emergency plan

We have no emergency food, water, first aid kits, cat carriers, extra cat food, NADA. Logically, I understand there’s nowhere to hide from an oncoming missile. However, we would have died of dehydration (or the fall out) if we survived the missile attack. How terrifying and depressing is that?

I know that everyone says they’re going to have a family evacuation plan and get supplies after an emergency. I am also guilty of this. I still haven’t got my emergency plan or supplies together after having to evacuate three times for tsunami warnings. This morning I went and ordered two cat carriers. I’m also making a list of emergency essentials with notes on how often you need to switch out supplies.

I’m still able to function in an emergency

I’ve always been the type of person that can handle emergencies. The sight of someone hurt and bleeding makes me lightheaded. However, if someone gets injured in front of me, I’ve always automatically helped. It’s after the fact that I get shaky. I didn’t lose it until after the official announcement was made that this missile warning was false. Then I got in the shower and cried for a good 10 minutes. All that adrenaline had to go somewhere.

I am so grateful for my life

It can be so easy to get swept up in the mundane bullshit that doesn’t mean anything. I have a bad habit of ruminating over things I should have done differently. Or panicking because something happened that is out of my control. Well, guess what? Today none of that mattered. Those things should never matter because they have no lasting effect on my life. My second thought after reading the alert was “I don’t want to die”. I know that seems like an obvious thought, but this really crappy wake-up call (literally) really drove home how wonderful my life is. I had an awesome family, an amazing fiancé and two adorable fur babies. We are always well fed. We laugh a lot. We have everything we could ever need.

I don’t feel safe

The first thing that ran through my head was “What the hell did Trump say now?” We shouldn’t feel unsafe because the President of the United States of America has no verbal filter. I am constantly shocked and horrified by the things he says. It’s scary to live in a country where you don’t know what the President will say one day to the next. We shouldn’t be consciously hoping that he doesn’t offend another country and they lose their shit and bomb us. I know this is a larger issue and I’m not going to go there. Some days it really feels like diplomacy is dead.

What was your lesson from this morning?