Kimo and I attended our friend’s wedding this past weekend. It was such a beautiful ceremony. I can’t tell you how excited I am for them. The wedding was outdoors at a picturesque historic building in Honolulu. We were so caught up in the romance of it all, we forgot to take photos.

However, there was one thing I couldn’t wrap my mind around: there were two female wedding guests wearing white. 100% white dresses.

Wearing all white to a wedding is a huge faux pas. Don’t do it.

While traditional rules are being broken all the time, this is the one wedding rule that shouldn’t be broken unless the couple is having an all white wedding.

Let the bride shine in that gorgeous gown she’ll only wear once. 

Wedding Dress Code

I am a huge fan of putting the dress code on invitations. However, if there is no stated dress code, stick to cocktail attire. Men: Dress pants, button down, jacket & nice shoes (you can always take your jacket off when you get there). Women: Chic cocktail dress, elegant sandals or heels & a clutch purse.

What’s your go-to wedding outfit?