haus of lov is a digital bungalow for the eternal entrepreneur.

If you’re struggling to find balance, stay inspired, eat healthfully, & keep your home beautiful you will love this blog.

“Where did you get that?” or “How did you do that?” are two questions my friends & clients ask me the most. With all the emails and resources I was sharing, it was only natural I created this home for all my advice.


LOV stands for Lauren O. Victoria.

{I’m part German. Hence, my getting fancy with the spelling of house.}


I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and started many side hustles throughout college. After a soul-sucking year in corporate marketing, I realized I would never be happy moving up the corporate ladder. I quit my job at 23, launched Aloha Crate in the two weeks before my last day in corporate. I sold my first startup one year later at 24 years old. I also have a Bachelor’s in Communication specializing in Integrated Multimedia. I feel like it should be called practical art or the non-starving artist program.

That year was the craziest whirlwind and the steepest learning curve I’d ever experienced. I had to figure out how to eat healthy while working 12 hour days. Then I had to figure out how to be more efficient because 12 hour days were draining me.

Next up was learning how to take care of myself before my customers. Gasp. I know, that’s something that shouldn’t be said. But I learned I couldn’t take care of anyone if I didn’t put my health first.


I write about all aspects of living as an entrepreneur. In the Living Room, you’ll find decor & lifestyle advice for everyday elegance. In the Kitchen you’ll find all things food related. In the Sun Room you’ll find self-care, inspirational tools & advice. The Closet is where you’ll find my guide to effortless style & the occasional beauty tip. My favorite room, the Shop, is where I sell inspirational mugs & t-shirts that I design. Let’s be honest, we all need a pep talk with our morning cup of tea (or coffee).

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii where my boyfriend Kimo and I spend more time driving by the beach than actually sitting on it. We’re working on changing that. When I’m not writing, decorating and recipe testing, you can find me working on my garden, trying to find inner peace in a yoga class, reading a book or enjoying a meal with friends. Occasionally you’ll find our furbabies, Oliver & Clover, on my Instagram.

I’ve gotten to work with…
Coach | Rocksbox | Oh! Nuts
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Entrepreneur | The Huffington Post | The Kitchn | HAWAII Magazine | The Honolulu Star-Advertiser | KITV4 | MIDWEEK | Metro Honolulu | The Wanderlusty