It’s been a crazy year. So many good things happened, but I am exhausted and ready to start fresh with 2018. Kait over at Communikait inspired me to recap 2017 by the numbers. So here it is!

2 Engagement Rings

Kimo proposed to me when we were in Venice, Italy on September 25, 2017. I was so shocked because I knew he wouldn’t bring the ring that we had picked across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans – especially since everyone told us not to wear anything flashy. I kept telling my friends to calm down, he wasn’t going to propose. Anyhoo, my friends were right and I was right. He did propose, but with a “travel ring”. After we got home we went ring shopping to make sure the design I had fallen in love with online was “the one”. It wasn’t. We were referred to an amazing jeweler in Los Angeles by a friend. I got to design my ring via phone, text and Raffi even mailed setting samples to me to try on. I told Kimo I didn’t care about the size of the center stone, that was all up to him. This was by no means a traditional sort of engagement process, but I’ve never been one for tradition (with a few exceptions). This was all Kimo’s idea. He didn’t want to pick something that I wouldn’t love. Our engagement story was featured on How He Asked, you can read it here:

4 Years with Kimo

It’s funny, it doesn’t feel like 4 years. It feels like 1 month one day and 40 years the next. I had so many reservations about going into business with my boyfriend a couple years ago, and now I can’t imagine not building our business and lives together. We have so much fun together. Only he can make me laugh as hard as my sisters do. Plus we’re opposites where we need to be. I’m the creative, passionate, dreamer and he’s the analytical, systematic, planner. That photo above still sums up our relationship the best.

6 Months at Pure Barre

Having adrenal fatigue last year was a HUGE wake up call that I needed to change my habits and adjust my lifestyle. My adrenals were so shot this time last year that I would collapse every afternoon for a 1-hour nap. I’m not being dramatic. It would take every part of my being to keep my eyeballs open long enough to drive home to pass out. After not being allowed to workout for 6-months (with the exception of walking), I was finally able to venture out to find something low impact and not stressful. Torn between pilates, yoga and barre, the deciding factor was that barre fit best within my schedule. Boy, I’m glad it did. I flipping love it. I feel so strong and energized after a class.

7 Months Waiting on Permits

You’ve probably heard that we’re rebuilding our home. Well, funny story. It’s still standing. Demo should start in January 2018. Please cross your fingers. I need a home to host Christmas dinner in! Plus, I really want to be able to get ready for our wedding at home. 

10 lbs of Loose Tea

That’s just the loose tea I’ve ordered online. I’ve drunk a helluva lot more than that. 6 lbs of 10 was Gunpowder Green Tea. 2 lbs was Rooibos Chai and the remaining 2 was Red Passion. The Red Passion makes the best iced tea. I use this nut milk bag to cold brew a pitcher. And I use my Breville Tea Maker daily. After the cats and our bed, the Breville is the thing I missed most about home when we were in Europe.

21 days 20 hours and 31 minutes on Audible

I listen to a lot of audiobooks — especially when I drive or when I’m staging a home by myself. I also listen to books on Overdrive, but they don’t keep track of how many hours you clock in. Would you be interested in a post sharing my favorite book series? I’ve got quite a few.

38 Days Spent in Europe

This was the longest trip Kimo and I have ever taken. It was so amazing. I learned a lot about myself; especially how I need to be better at listening to my body when it comes to food. I can handle about a week of eating like I’m on vacation. When traveling for longer periods, I have to remind myself that we’re doing a marathon, not a sprint. Next time we go on a long trip, I’m definitely going to find all the nearby health food places and if none exist, the market and kitchen will be my best friend for 50% of our meals.

500 square feet

We moved three days before we left for Europe in to the cottage on the back of our property. We went from 1,500 sq. ft. to 500. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, especially since we realized we’re going to be in the cottage longer than anticipated due to the permit kerfuffle. Things I miss most: having a functional kitchen, a home office, and our cozy sectional sofa (it’s in storage). It will be so sweet moving into our new home. I can’t wait. I spent hours agonizing what color to paint our cottage front door. I finally settled on Parakeet by Sherwin Willims. 

Until 2018, friends! XO